I’m back, but I didn’t get to do a whole lot of art while at work.  I’m not sure what changed from last year, but it really felt like there was no time to draw this summer!  Oh well.  Here a a bunch of miscellaneous people standing plainly.


bon, I’m heading outta town for work tomorrow so I won’t be able to post much for a while (but what else is new)!  I was hoping to make one last art related post before I left but I’m leaving a bit earlier than expected and didn’t manage to commandeer a scanner in time

Adios muchachos

I was going to reblog this and edit it so it was more relevant but it’s actually shockingly applicable as is! I’m gonna be away for the summer again this year, so adios muchachos

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I haven’t animated in a little while since school ended and was a little worried about getting rusty!  I have a lot of animating to do over the next week for a very overdue short film, so I did some stuff to get back into the swing of things.  

I’m bad at coming up with ideas so I shamelessly used characters made by to Alex K and Dabbydoo!!  Go follow them for some really neat and appealing art??

2hu 2sday

Haha, shit, I really don’t know what I’m doing anymore

An illustration from a weekly challenge thing.  I think I kind of missed the point of the challenge, though— it was supposed to be about character yet mine was fairly uninspired, lol.  I liked the colours and the layout, though!  We had to post progress updates, and so mine can be found over here (my username is Raymod). 

The forum’s pretty cool; as far as I know it’s similar to conceptart.org before it ‘went downhill.’  They have a bunch of weekly challenge type things and sketchbook threads and nice portfolio work and yeah.  Everyone’s really helpful, though I haven’t posted much on there yet :X

A thing from class.  I wasn’t really sure what I was doing with it, but I wanted to try doing animated background stuff.


Prepare yourselves for the first ever 24hr Film Festival…. Summer edition! That’s right folks, a new festival for a new year.

Commercial by:

Matthew Ramirez - ramirezart.tumblr.com
Raymond Dunster - raymonddunster.tumblr.com

Hey!  For my followers who are also at Sheridan, we’re doing another 24 hour film thing over the summer break.  It doesn’t really have to be a 24 hour film since we have like the 4 months off, but yeah.  Make one!  There are more details about it on the keyframes page, but anything goes. The screening is hopefully going to be during the first Friday movie night when we come back in September.

Don’t worry, we’ll all be reunited soon ;___;

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Oh nooo, this is turning into a life drawing blog again!!  This is my final life drawing portfolio for the year.  I think my teacher kept one of my drawings, so I guess I’ll update this when I get it back.  Sorry for the lack of updates; I’m kind of busy with school, but I should have some stuff to post soon.


You’ve all been waiting for it… Here is Studio Mongoose’s newest 24hr film, Galaxy Gal! 

The Team:

Matthew Ramirez: http://ramirezart.tumblr.com/

Melissa Cho: http://cheeeesu.tumblr.com/

Marc Lefevre http://maclefame.tumblr.com/

Marco Rivera: http://artofmarcorivera.tumblr.com/

Raymond Dunster: http://raymonddunster.tumblr.com/

Kennith Concelos: http://kennith-concelos.tumblr.com/

Kathleen Martin: http://martinartin.tumblr.com/

Some friends and I thought it was a good idea to make another short film in 24 hours straight and this is the result!!  I was dying and couldn’t see straight, but we ordered some pretty good Chinese food so that was nice.

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Thingo for the Ghibli Jam!  Uh, it’s basically just the movie poster though, cuz I’m not very creative, lmao.

Thingo for the Ghibli Jam!  Uh, it’s basically just the movie poster though, cuz I’m not very creative, lmao.


This is an assignment for my digital tools class.  We had to draw and rig a character in flash and have it do something.  It’s a little dry, but it was fun coming up with cheats to make a cheap animation look nice.

Tumblr seems hell-bent on refusing to upload it, so I hope it works!

I also have another life drawing portfolio due for tomorrow!

Every time I finish a self portrait I feel like Mulan in that bit where she has an existential crisis because this chump barely looks like me and I was holding a mirror right in my face while painting this

Some character stuff.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing!

baba ghannouj